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Outdoor Cushion Fillings
We’re pleased to say that specialist outdoor cushion foam and fibre fillings have continued to develop and improve in the time we have specialised in making bespoke outdoor cushions.
As a result, there are 2 main types of filling that we offer, depending on whether you want your cushions to be left outside ‘Rain or Shine’, or only to be used in the dry…
New outdoor foam cushions for a bespoke seating area with contrasting outdoor scatter cushions
Bespoke outdoor cushions, backrests and scatter cushions for a custom built wooden terrace seating area

Either, outdoor cushions for whatever the weather…

Our 'Rain or Shine' specification Outdoor Cushions and backrests can be left outside all year round.If you would like to leave your outdoor furniture cushions out all year round, whatever the weather, then we would quote you based on our ‘Rain or Shine’ Specification.

This uses our ‘Reticulated Foam’ as the filling for your customers' new outdoor cushions, and as you can see in the picture below… any water getting into your outdoor cushion through seams or zips… just passes straight through and out the other side!

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Water passes right through our reticulated outdoor cushion foam, cover and fabric
A huge range of plain, striped and patterned outdoor fabrics are available
Outdoor Furniture Cushions for a holiday park in Italy
Outdoor seat and scatter cushions for an outside rattan furniture suite

"When we do something, we do it right. This means spending more money on higher quality equipment, which in turn pays dividends as it looks better and lasts longer. Your outside cushions were an example of this as they cost more than the furniture, but really make the whole set look expensive. They were definitely worth the extra cost and have received a lot of positive comments from our customers."

John Robinson, Bolero Holidays, Italy

Or, Outdoor Cushions that won’t be getting wet…

Alternatively, if your client is happy to really just use your outdoor cushions on dry days, and stored when not in use, then we can use a less expensive foam filling than our Reticulated Foam.

Bespoke rounded Outdoor seat cushions for a custom-built wooden picnic table
Bespoke outdoor seat, backrest and scatter cushions for an outdoor round rattan day bed/lounger

Whichever filling we use for your clients' new outdoor furniture cushions, shapes and angles can be cut to your exact requirements by supplying precise measurements or a paper template.

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Outdoor foam filled seat cushions for a bespoke corner seating area built from decking wood.
Bespoke outdoor foam and fibre filled cushions for a an outside seating area built from railway sleepers.

Hollow Fibre Backrest Cushions

If you are looking for added comfort and a rounder, softer look to your outdoor cushion backrests, we can certainly help…

Brightly coloured outdoor fibre filled scatter cusions provide that perfect finishing touch to plain outdoor seat and backrest cushions.
This bespoke outdoor seating area has been transformed using different cushion types and contrasting colours.
Re-covered seat and backrest cushions for a wooden garden dining/lounge area
Brightly coloured and patterned outdoor scatter cushions provide an additional design feature to any outdoor seating area.

Using our range of specialist Outdoor fabrics, our Hollow Fibre backrests are suitable to be left outside and will dry quickly if they get wet. Summer sunshine will also dry them quickly and prevent any dampness causing damage. However, these backrests ideally would be stored away in the winter, when not in use, as knowing our British winter weather they typically may not get time to dry properly when left outside in colder temperatures!

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