'Rain or Shine' Outdoor Cushions

Our ‘Rain or Shine’ Cushion Specification

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We’re delighted that due to our thorough investigation and sourcing of the very latest worldwide outdoor fabrics and cushion fillings, we are pleased to be able to offer our ‘Rain or Shine’ Weatherproof Outdoor Cushion specification.
Our all-weather outdoor seat and scatter cusions can be left outside, all year round, rain or shine!
Our reticulated foam outdoor cushion filling is mould resistant and  allows water to pass right through it.
We can make outdoor cushions for all kinds of outdoor seating and furniture whether factory made or bespoke built.
We have many specialist Outdoor Cushion fabric ranges, in many styles, patterns and colours to suit all tastes and budgets.
All our upholstery and furnishings are made in Bristol by our in-house experts

Using our specialist outdoor foams and fabrics we are able to supply outdoor seat cushions that can safely be left outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. For softer seat backs we can offer alternative fillings to give a more luxurious look and feel, as well as greater comfort. These are also suitable to be left outside, for all year around use!

Our UNIQUE ‘Outdoor Fabric Selector’

We have sourced over 500 Specialist Outdoor Fabrics from all over the world and hold stock of around 100, for a speedier production. To see the vast range and request samples please visit our comprehensive Fabric Selector.

Our Outdoor Cushion Fabric Selector displays our full range of weatherproof and waterproof fabric ranges.
Thousands of outdoor cushion fabrics to view at our unique Fabric Selector

We use specialist Outdoor Fabrics to complement the style of hard or soft landscaping that you are looking for, with free samples readily available so your client can view and feel the fabrics you are recommending.

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